The Courage To Be You
Friends Meeting House, Manchester

I turn 40 in November. But it wasn’t until my 23rd that I actually started living.

Child abuse, bullying, university dropout, feeling utterly lost… Until a work trip to Boston changed my life.

I discovered that I was someone; a soul on a tremendous journey of growth. Suddenly years of adversity made more sense, confusion turned in clarity and pain turned into purpose. It was also the start of becoming the authentic me. Inspiring others to become their authentic selves has been my passion ever since.

In 2011 I self-published my second book, “Life of a Lifetime,” in which I share how practical (non-religious!) spirituality inspired me to discover who I really was, why I am here, and how I can apply that knowledge to turn my current lifetime into an extraordinary one. The book was picked up by NY-based academic publishing house Business Expert Press in 2017. Not bad for a uni-dropout. It was the ultimate sign that when we express ourselves in an authentic way, we open the door for great experiences to come into our lives.

On Saturday 3 November I am hosting a talk followed by a Q&A session about “Life of a Lifetime.” If you are looking for some fresh inspiration and guidance on your life’s journey, it would be lovely to see you there.

For more info about the book and reader reviews:

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MINDFUL MANAGER - Edition 10! FREE Event!
Central Manchester

Are you into Mindfulness and personal development?

Then join us for a FREE evening of inspiration and networking with like-minded people!

To mark the 10th edition of Mindful Manager, I’m thrilled to announce a special, free celebratory event on Tuesday 23 October in Manchester.

The Programme:

18:30: Welcome brew and networking

18:45: “Mindfulness in Business” – A short version of my popular talk on Turning Ordinary Encounters Into Extraordinary Moments of Engagement

19:30 – 20:00: Q&A about wellbeing tips & tools for business leaders

20:00 – 20:30: Networking

You can’t pour from an empty cup… so why not explore what the Mindful Manager events are all about and top up your energy levels in a refreshingly different way?

There are 50 free tickets available for this special evening (normally £15), so grab yours before they are gone!

See you there!


Udaipur, in collaboration with Holistic Manchester

December retreat: Join me for a wonderful retreat in Udaipur, India, in collaboration with Holistic Manchester. Yoga, private life coaching, local experiences and so much more, all included!

While living our day to day lives we forget to take out time for ourselves, even then we still struggle to relax.

The Holistic Yoga Retreat is based on our unique blend of east and west coming together to create a transformational, nourishing and fulfilling environment for you to reconnect and thrive in. A journey to yourself!

At Holistic Manchester we believe yoga is for everyone. If you are new to yoga the retreat will give you a strong foundation, or if you are looking to deepen your practice you will benefit from focused attention to develop your strengths and weaknesses.

During the retreat we will meet as a group, and the opportunity to have individual sessions to enable detailed focus on yourself and your personal journey, hopefully finding yourself ready to greet 2019 with a renewed energy and outlook.

You can choose to experience morning Sun Salutations in the mountains, conversations by the lake, body-nourishing positive prana food and soulful meditation sessions within sacred spaces. There will also be opportunities for you to meet local Indian tribes, maybe even teach at a local charity school. Everything works towards rejuvenating our mind and body with a wholesome approach to living.

Udaipur is known for its beautiful lakes and has an air of royalty and romance, making this the most exquisite setting for us to explore India at its vibrant best.

A bright happy place for a bright happy you!

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Christoph spoke at the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF YOGA 2018
Victoria Baths Manchester
I’m thrilled to be a guest speaker at the International Festival of Yoga in Manchester!

After last year’s sell-out success, this fantastic weekend event, organised by Manchester Holistic, returns on 30 June / 1 July. 

Full Event Info:

My Workshop: “Healer, heal thyself”

Yogis are givers. You sense opportunities to help others wherever you go. You’re the listening ear, the counsellor, the provider of energy. People feel uplifted after spending time with you. It’s a rewarding way of life and you’ve embraced your special gift. During the festival we encourage you to take some time out to top up your own energy levels in a uniquely different way.

This is a workshop that will help you:

– Remove blocks around receiving
– Give without feeling depleted
– Strike a balance that’s perfect for you!

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Christoph delivers talks for The Dining Club Group
Mindfulness in Business

Christoph delivered his popular talk “Mindfulness in business” for the sales, marketing and customer service teams from The Dining Club Group in Manchester and Huddersfield in June and July.

“Turning encounters into extraordinary moments of engagement”

If you think mindfulness is only about stress management, think again. It’s so much more. In fact, mindfulness is a business strategy. During this inspirational -and practical- talk, delegates discovered how mindfulness can turbo charge employee engagement, sales and customer satisfaction at their business.

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NEW PODCAST! Christoph was a guest on Dr Guy Golan's popular podcast "Life Reimagined"
Listen to it here!

I discuss how to cultivate an empowering mindset and living in the moment to get more out of life and deal with stress better on Dr Golan’s motivational podcast.

Listen Here

See pictures of Christoph's recent trip to India


Christoph was contacted by GoLive Events to design and deliver a motivational workshop for the teenager Finalists of the Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards in Delhi, India. He created a workshop called “Domino” which focused on the importance of a positive mindset and using your jury-selected volunteer project to inspire the next generation of young volunteers. The whole event was a huge success and Christoph has certainly lost a part of his heart in beautiful India.

Mindfulness in Business

On Friday 16th March, Christoph hosted a free and fully-booked talk on Mindfulness in business at Google Digital Garage in Manchester.

“Turning encounters into extraordinary moments of engagement”

If you think mindfulness is only about stress management, think again. It’s so much more. In fact, mindfulness is a business strategy. During this inspirational -and practical- talk, delegates discovered how mindfulness can turbo charge employee engagement, sales and customer satisfaction at their business.

More talks at Google Digital Garage will be announced soon. Are you on our mailing list?

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Mindfulness in Exhibiting

Christoph was approached by ExpoStars to write an article on practical mindfulness for busy people in events management.

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