FREE WORKSHOP - Mindfulness in Business
Google Digital Garage, Manchester, King Street

Join author and coach Christoph Spiessens for a free talk on Mindfulness in business.

“Turning encounters into extraordinary moments of engagement”

If you think mindfulness is only about stress management, think again. It’s so much more. In fact, mindfulness is a business strategy. Come along to this inspirational -and practical- talk and discover how mindfulness can turbo charge employee engagement, sales and customer satisfaction at your business.

MINDFUL MANAGER edition 8 - The Holistic Coaching Seminar for Wholehearted Leaders
Friends Meeting House, Manchester M2 5NS

“It was amazing to see what happens when we’re given the opportunity to open up and share our feelings outside of a formal structure. All sorts of really interesting insights emerged.”  30 January session feedback

When helping others grow is not just a rewarding career choice but your raison d’être, the pressure to be a role model can be significant.

Always in the frontline absorbing energy from clients and colleagues, under significant pressure to drive change within an organisation, or trying to establish our own work/life balance, times can get stressful for leaders.

What makes it worse is the (often self-imposed) pressure that we have to be the perfect role model and somehow be masters at handling change, anxiety, and uncertainty. Yet we are human beings too and need to look after our own mental health if we want to lead the way for others.

That’s why I want to invite you to join me for the 8th edition of Mindful Manager on Tuesday 17 April.

Mindful Manager is about soul-deep coaching conversations that heal the past and inspire the future.

“Very informative evening. Great listening to others. Christoph really makes you think”  30 January session feedback

No slide decks, no models, no graphs. Just a safe space for participants to decompress, recharge and network with like-minded conscious leaders.

I will host a short talk and after that there’s plenty of time for Q&A in open forum style. Nothing is off-limits; the challenges of wholehearted leadership, life purpose, the soul journey, uncertainty, impostor syndrome, authenticity, relationships, …

I’m looking forward to sharing coaching energy to help you resolve personal and professional challenges and create more headspace in a uniquely refreshing way.

Whether you have a specific question or just want to come along to recharge your batteries and network… Mindful Manager is the inspirational event for you (and of course non-managers are also welcome!)

It’s OK to put yourself first… You can’t pour from an empty cup.

See you there! Tickets are only £20.


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